Helm install plugin issue

I want to use helm install plugin (checkstyle and findbugs) with the config document: helm-chart-sonarqube/charts/sonarqube at master · SonarSource/helm-chart-sonarqube · GitHub. However, when I install the chart :
helm upgrade --install -n sonarqube sonarqube sonarqube/sonarqube
–set ingress.enabled=true
–set persistence.storageClass=nfs-client
–set postgresql.serviceAccount.enabled=true
–set persistence.enabled=true
–set service.type=NodePort
–set plugins.install={Checkstyle, Findbugs}

Then it shows that ““helm upgrade” requires 2 arguments”. It seems that the plugins.install command conflict with the helm plugins install command.

Hi @jacky9911 and welcome to the community :wave:

this is a known and documented formatting limitation of --set as stated here. you will need to quote arrays if you want to specify them via --set, so in your case it would be:

helm upgrade -i -n sonarqube sonarqube sonarqube/sonarqube \
 --set postgresql.serviceAccount.enabled=true \
 --set persistence.enabled=true \
 --set ingress.enabled=true \
 --set persistence.storageClass=nfs-client \
 --set service.type=NodePort \
 --set "plugins.install={https://github.com/checkstyle/sonar-checkstyle/releases/download/9.0.1/checkstyle-sonar-plugin-9.0.1.jar,https://github.com/spotbugs/sonar-findbugs/releases/download/4.0.5/sonar-findbugs-plugin-4.0.5.jar}" 

please note that i only took the latest release of the two plugins without checking compatibility

That works for me! thanks!

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