Has the SonarJS ESLint plugin been abandoned?

Many developers on GitHub have been trying for several months to reach out to the team, and have heard no response. In addition, there has been no release in over a year. I’m reaching out in these forums as a last resort.

There is an open issue in the repository regarding ESLint 7 support. Essentially, the repository has locked down specific ESLint versions it can be used with, so a PR is required (in addition to addressing any breaking changes) before any user of this library can upgrade to ESLint 7. There have been a few PRs addressing this, but one (PR180) has gone through the review of multiple developers. It now requires approval/merge of someone with proper permissions.

It would be extremely helpful to the community if there was an active maintainer on this repository. Perhaps if the Sonar team can’t devote time to this, another option could be to have a community team (could also be a separate organization, like the React Community, for example) where the maintenance can be a bit more spread out? Just throwing out some suggestions. I appreciate your time and willingness to contribute to open source. Thank you!


hello @jameschensmith,

it’s true we didn’t work on this plugin for quite some time. We plan to do some maintenance on it this year, however, this is not our priority, and I can’t provide any ETA for that.

If you want to benefit from the latest rules and improvements, I would suggest using SonarQube or SonarCloud directly instead of ESlint.

As of now, we don’t have any plan to move this plugin to the community. However, the plugin is using permissive license, so you are free to fork it and change it whichever way you desire.

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