Has anyone prepared training resources to roll out Sonar to your company?

  • Say gang, my company purchased a Sonar license and we are in the early stages of rolling it out company wide. I have a task on my plate to develop a 1 hour or so “Introduction to Sonar” for the engineering org.

Before I reinvent the wheel here, I thought I would reach out to the community -or even Sonar - to see if anyone has prepped slides, lesson plans or talks about this which you would be willing to share.

Where I’m coming from:
SaaS company, mostly Java on the backend and JS/TS front end. Objective C for mobile and a smattering of other languages
gitlab on prem
sonar on prem
developer level sonar license
we currently warn on gates since this is new rather than block if a gate metric is not met

In the hour I have, I won’t be able to get into details for how each service team can build sonar into their (gitlab ci/cd) pipelines - there is just too much variance in the details for that to fit in an hour. Just looking for a high level “here is what sonar is, what it can do and how to deal with the merge request decorators you now see”

Thanks gang!

Hi John,

Thanks for reaching out. We’ve got some training material that our folks in consulting provide for our customers in some cases. Have you reached out to your account owner regarding this?

I will, but I was hoping for a Best Practices/Lessons Learned type of information from the community.

Maybe that would be useful for more companies that roll out sonar - you know, learn from the mistakes of others so that no one else repeats them.


Cool beans. Assuming you have a support contract, you should be able to get some information, but it’ll great to see what other folks in the community have to say. :slight_smile: Our architecture and integration docs has some info that would be useful, as well as our overview of gitlab integration. It’ll be fun to see what other folks have to say.