Gtest output and Sonar

Is it possible to import gtest xml into Sonar I’ve tried to use the sonar.cxx.xunit.reportPath but it doesnt seem to do anything useful

Hi Ernest,

It’s not possible to import gtest xml report in SonarCloud.

By the way, the property you try to use is specific to sonar-cxx. This is a community plugin and not available on SonarCloud

Thanks Xavier,
Do you know where I can see what is supported by SonarCloud? Since I have a lot of input to provide to Sonar, like clang-tidy results, gcov coverage, etc. And I would like to know what of these could be useful.

You can find useful informations here:

As I understand, every feature listed for “SonarCFamily for C/C++” is supported by SonarCloud, right?

Exactly !