Gtest output and Sonar


(Ernest Zaslavsky) #1

Is it possible to import gtest xml into Sonar I’ve tried to use the sonar.cxx.xunit.reportPath but it doesnt seem to do anything useful

(Xavier Bourguignon) #2

Hi Ernest,

It’s not possible to import gtest xml report in SonarCloud.

By the way, the property you try to use is specific to sonar-cxx. This is a community plugin and not available on SonarCloud

(Ernest Zaslavsky) #3

Thanks Xavier,
Do you know where I can see what is supported by SonarCloud? Since I have a lot of input to provide to Sonar, like clang-tidy results, gcov coverage, etc. And I would like to know what of these could be useful.

(Xavier Bourguignon) #4

You can find useful informations here:

(Ernest Zaslavsky) #5

As I understand, every feature listed for “SonarCFamily for C/C++” is supported by SonarCloud, right?

(Xavier Bourguignon) #6

Exactly !