Groovy imports considered as duplicated lines in SonarQube


A PR failing at SonarQube check due to duplicated lines in new code.
The thing is the duplicated code is just module imports which don’t make sense to be an issue.
Another issue is there is no legit workaround, as these are not identified as issues, that’s why there’s no way to mark it as “False Positive” or “Won’t Fix”.

Apparently, Sonar fixed this behaviour for Kotlin and TypeScript imports:

NB: We’re using SonarQube Developer Edition Version 8.9.9 (build 56886), Groovy and Java Quality Profile.


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Unfortunately, we don’t maintain the Groovy plugin. You’ll need to take this up with the Groovy plugin maintainers.


@ganncamp I think Groovy is just in the name of the package. @marcusvoltolim Are these Java files?

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