Grant access to Administration->Configuration->General Settings

Dear Support,

What would be the best way to grant access to the settings under Administration->Configuration->General Settings to a dedicated group, but only those settings. Not the full administration interface.

We have 3 sets of users:

  • administrators (Administer System, Administer, Execute Analysis, Create)
  • qa-office (Administer, Execute Analysis)
  • users (Execute Analysis)

The ‘Administration’ interface only accessible to users having the ‘Administer System’ permission, but I think those settings on the General Settings page are part of the Quality Gates/Quality Profiles. In this sense, the QA office should be able to modify them.


Hi Tamas,

Sorry, it’s just not set up that way.

You can grant permissions on individual Quality Profiles, but that’s as far as we’ve gone in that direction.


Hi Ann,

Thanks for the reply.

Do we agree at least, that those settings I have mentioned are indeed settings for a QA officer? :wink:

If we agree, I could file a feature request to move these settings…

Let me know,

Hi Tamas,

Uhm… I think that’s going to vary widely by organization.

BTW, did you mean project-level Administer here, or global? Because project administration actually can be granted granularly. And many organizations would expect that someone in the project would have admin on the project.

AND many organizations would not expect users to have analysis perms. Best practice says that the CI system’s technical user has that & no one else really needs it.