Gradle sonarqube tasks fail on scanning multi-projects in parallel

I’m working on a Java gradle multi-project and using the latest sonarqube gradle plugin (
Recently I’ve enabled parallel execution by settings the gradle property as follows.


But after doing that, sonarqube task sometimes fail with an error messages like this.

> Fail to open plugin [dbdpythonfrontend]: /home/runner/.sonar/cache/cc7ff6e7672bb2d82b4d54d389af2c68/sonar-dbdpythonfrontend-plugin.jar

So I have two questions.

  • Does gradle sonarqube plugin support parallel execution?
  • If so, is there any resolution for this error message?

Hey there.

Is that all the error message that you receive? Do you receive more information adding --debug or --stracktrace to your Gradle command?

This problem was due to conflict of sonar home directory of each subprojects.

See: Random Sub-projects Fail Analysis in Gradle Multi-projects Build