Gradle sonar plugin ignoring sonarqube.skipproject=true

We just upgrade the gradle plugin from to

We have a virtual project with sonarqube.skipproject=true, which gets ignored since the moving to 3.5.

  • Reproducible locally
  • Running with gradle sonar or gradle sonarqube

I have tested both with gradle sonar and gradle sonarqube and both gives the same result since upgrading: The base directory of the module ':dependencies' does not exist:

The version mentioned on the sonarqube page is 3.4 still, but on the gradle plugin portal it shows as 3.5. Is 3.5 not yet officially released?

The sonarqube task and extension has been renamed to sonar. Try sonar.skipProject=true.

Gotcha, didn’t expect breaking changes in a minor. The release notes didn’t mention this at all:

Update cirrus yml to use gradle wrapper

Seems to work after moving to sonar.skipProject and running with gradle sonar.

Thanks for the help!

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