Google test results integration

I see several posts about the need for integrating google-test results in sonarqube.
We would like to use SonarQube as the “one shop stop” for checking the health of our software components. I believe that google test is such a wide spread testing framework that it deserves to be included when analyzing cpp code. For us, SonarQube could become a “one shop stop”, but a few things limit us from that today. The lack of integration of gTest is currently one of the major deficiencies.

GoogleTest is using the wide spread JUnit format, which sonarQube uses when analyzing Java code. I do not see any reason for the current limitation why JUnit format can not be used when importing GTest results in a cpp analysis project.

I would strongly promote the integration of GTest results in SonarQube!

Hello @jfn98007

Your ask makes sense in your context.
I record your interest.

We have plenty of impactful topics to work on, and I cannot say if/when this one will be tackled at the moment.

You can discover what we are working on and upvote features there.