Global Restrict Scope of Coding Rules not working

(Richard) #1

Must-share information

  • SonarQube 6.7
  • Restrict scope of a coding rule on a global level
  • Restriction works in project level. But set on global level the restriction doesnt work.

Hope you have tipps for me! Best regards,

(G Ann Campbell) #2

Hi Richard,

It’s not clear what method you’re using to “restrict scope”. It would be helpful if you provided them. In their absence, however, I’ll suggest you consider simply removing the rule from your Quality Profile.


(Richard) #3

Hi Ann, thank you for your answer. I try to restrict via
Administration -> Configuration -> Analysis Scope -> Restrict Scope of Coding Rules
by entering the key of a rule and a file path pattern.

This works fine on project level. But when I set this restriction in global administrator the file path restriction gets ignored in all projects where the rule is used.

So my workaround is to configure the restriction at project level, which is about 80 times :-/

Thank you and best regards,