Global Configuration of Branch Type


(Louis Russell) #1

Relating to the Branches Overview documentation here:

It is stated that the Long living branches pattern can be configured globally under “Configuration > General > Detection of long-lived branches” however this area does not exist. I need to set the branch pattern globally as I do not want to have to go into our many projects to update this and update it for every new project we add.

Is it possible to update this globally or is the documentation wrong?

(Benoit) #2


The documentation is wrong, it’s actually a leftover of the SonarQube documentation were global configuration is possible.
We plan to support configuration at organization level on SonarCloud. See MMF-1650 to track progress and vote for it.

Meanwhile, you could create a script that uses the web api (/api/settings/set) to automatically update the settings for all your existing projects.