Gitlab-sonar-scanner very slow

Guys, I would like some help from you.

I have a pipeline that checks a certain code, during execution we use the image ciricihq/gitlab-sonar-scanner:3.2.0, and in the step gitlab-sonar-scanner it is very slow executing the commands:

- User cache: /root/.sonar/cache
- Load plugins index (done)

After this last step this jobs gets frozen.

We use:

  • sonarqube 8.9
  • gitlab-runner 14.2


After looking at your screenshot I have two thoughts. First, your scanner version is a bit out of date. The current SonarScanner version is 4.6.2. Second, have you talked to your network folks? From what I see, normal web calls make it through fine, but the plugin/library download from the server is blocked. That sounds suspiciously like “helpful” intervention in the network.