GitLab MR decoration with SonarQube Enterprise 8.5

Hello all,

I tried upgrading our SonarQube Enterprise test instance to the latest 8.5 version (build 37579).
We activated MR decoration with our on-premise GitLab instance.
Everything works fine as long as no proxy is configured in

If I configure the proxy (http.proxyHost, httpProxyPort and http.nonProxyHosts) it seems SonarQube tries to connect through the proxy to communicate with our on-premise GitLab instance when it shouldn’t.
I tried different settings for http.nonProxyHosts (GitLab FQDN, IP address) but none seems to be taken into account.

Anyone had success with that kind of setting ?

Kind regards,



Am I the only one to have this problem ?
Anyone using SonarQube 8.5 and having a working setup with a proxy for accessing the outside world and GitLab accessible without a proxy ?