GitLab merge requests do not show quality gate status for some projects

GitLab merge requests do not show quality gate status for some projects

The problem we have, is that GitLab doesn’t show the quality gate information of Sonarcloud, in one of our projects.

We are implementing GitLab and Sonarcloud (both cloud versions) for new projects we have started. Therefore we followed the documentation for configuring GitLab with Sonarcloud.
Because our major project is more complicated by design, I started integrating GitLab and Sonarcloud by adding a simple reference application I built. Configuring the reference application in GitLab and Sonarcloud was relative easy and successful. Whenever I make a change and merge it into main, sonar analysis is done and the results appear in the GitLab merge request. If the results are OK, we can finally merge the change into main. GitLab always waits for a manual Merge to complete the process. As far as I can figger out, I exactly did the same for our major project. Pipelines run successful, the pipeline-job report QUALITY GATE STATE: passed. However the quality gate status is not present in the merge request. We can only see whether the pipeline was successful, failed or is having some warning.

I have been testing this issue with all kind of changes on the pipeline to exclude all kind of problem that might occur. No success.

At this moment I am a little bit puzzled, for not knowing how to proceed. The only I can think of, is that my reference project is public and our major project is private. Or a timeout that’s happening somewhere.
Having these things in the cloud doesn’t make it easier, because we can’t have a look in de log-files, which normally can give us a clou.

Can anyone help us out on this?

What information should we share, or where can we look the have advices?

Please help us out.

Roel Apeldoorn