Gitlab merge request inline comments decoration


I installed developer edition of Sonarqube Version, and configured Gitlab integration.
When it analyses a merge request it just adds summary comment on the whole merge request.
I would prefer it to add inline comments in the merge requests (I’ve seen it earlier with github integration).
Can I get same functionality for GitLab?

Apart from token and I’m passing the following pullrequest arguments in the pipeline (it did not work without them even though the instruction says it should work out of the box with gitlab):

mvn clean verify sonar:sonar${SONAR_HOST_URL} 

Am I missing some parameter to get the comments INLINE?

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Hey there.

Inline comments aren’t possible with SonarQube’s integration with Gitlab – the summary comment is all you can get.

I’ve moved your post to our Product Manager for a Day category.

Thank you for the response (eve though it’s not what I hoped for).
Do you know if there is any plan to implement inline comments in GitLab?
Or maybe any plugin that enables it?

I also need inline comments for Gitlab.

Same, +1. This is helpful.

Tools like do it, in the name of “AI”, and SonarCloud should do it also.


Thanks for your insights on that topic.
Could you elaborate on why you would prefer inline comments instead of a summary comment?