GitLab groups synchronization not working on SonarQube 9.9.3

Hi all, can anyone explain me how GitLab groups synchronization works on SonarQube?. In our organization we are using SonarQube CE 9.9.3 (LTS) and GitLab v16.8.1 (latest) all self-managed instances. We set up a GitLab authentication, and it works perfectly.

In GitLab service my account belongs to seven different groups, when I login to SonarQube all the groups form GitLab not sync with SonarQube I still only a member sonar-users group, that’s all.

We’ve checked SonarQube logs (with DEBUG log level) and we saw that when I login into Sonar, SonarQube connect to GitLab and retrieving all my groups, but then nothing happens after that.

Maybe I’m misunderstand how this synchronization works, SonarQube should automatically create groups from GitLab? or maybe I should to do it myself and Sonar will only assignee me to these groups when I login.

Bingo, this is how it works.