GitLab Group-Specific OAuth Application Integration

Previously, the way to integrate self-hosted GitLab instances with SonarQube was through server-wide OAuth applications. GitLab 13.11 introduced group-specific OAuth applications.



Has anyone successfully integrated SonarQube and GitLab using group-specific OAuth applications? I understand it works with server-wide GitLab OAuth applications. I’m curious if it works with group-specific OAuth applications.

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Hey there.

Having been released on April 22nd and our LTS being finished up, I don’t think anybody has had the chance to try. :smiley: But that doesn’t mean we can’t figure it out.

Just to be clear – you are interested in using this for the Gitlab authentication feature of SonarQube, rather than Pull Request decoration (which requires a user’s Personal Access Token), right?

I tested a group-scoped application on for authentication and it worked just fine :slight_smile: