GitLab does not show failed QG correctly

Sonarqube: 9.4 Developer
GitLab Branch Source Plugin: Version625.v85cf3a_400cfe

I push a branch, go to GitLab and start a merge request.
The branch builds in Jenkins and fails because test coverage is not enough.
But the Sonarqube information shown in GitLab is all GREEN.

What am I missing?

Hey there.

Based on your screenshots, you’re looking at a branch analysis in the SonarQube dashboard, but have the results of a pull request analysis decorating your Gitlab pipeline.

Is there a pull request analysis within your SonarQube project? Try clicking on any of the links in the comment posted on your GitLab Merge Request to be taken to the source of the data.

I think I got it.
It’s how the GitLab Source Branch plugin should be configured.
And also I had a filter not allowing MR to be pulled.