Gitlab comments have broken images after update from 9.9.2 to 10.4.1

Now old MRs have a comments like:


It looks like old images are not available on SonarQube server.

Hello @slawekjaranowski,

If we understood it correctly, you had some MRs done when you had version 9.9.2 that worked fine, but once you updated to 10.4.1 the existing MRs decoration images stopped working.

We have changed this decoration in the new version and it could explain this behavior in an existing MR.
Can you please run a new analysis using the new version to verify the images are working?


Hi @juanmanuel.moratilla

You understood correctly - old MRs which was analyzed by 9.x have broken images … links work ok, so only images are broken.

I can not re-run analis - MRs was merged and source branches was deleted.
And I have a many historical MRs … so it will be difficult to re-run all of them.

Hi @slawekjaranowski,

Thanks for confirming that. On my side, I can confirm that this is expected after the version update.

Just to be sure of the impact on your side, is this causing any unexpected behavior in/with SonarQube or it is just a “cosmetic” issue?

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only “cosmetic” issue :smile:

Thanks for the report @slawekjaranowski

This is indeed a side effect of our decision to move static resources out of SonarQube, to a CDN-like bucket. Some of our users, using and a non-publicly accessible instance of SonarQube were lacking icons in their Merge Request decoration.

As you can see here, we are now in a better place because icons are now publicly available online. Furthermore, we can (and we are) maintain multiple versions of those icons.

My understanding is that this has a low priority on your side, I’ll therefore consider this thread closed.

Still, thanks again for your feedback and for taking the time to share it with us :pray:. This is much appreciated.

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