Github Pull Request decoration does not report when multiple pull requests are open

When we have one pull request open against the repository, the PR decoration is working as expected. When there is two or more pull requests open, the PR decoration never gets posted to the GitHub.

Checking the CE logs, there are no errors reported. Is there anything else I can check to troubleshoot this issue?

Can you change the log level for the compute engine to DEBUG and attempt analysis of the multiple PR branches again, then attach the log?

Logs from the scanner side of the analysis would help as well.

sonar-debug.log (37.4 KB)
This file contains debug log for 2 PRs: 106 and 105. In 106 the PR decoration worked successfully. In 105 it didn’t report anything back.

gradle.log (835 Bytes)
We are using the sonar gradle plugin (3.0). This is the output produced on the gradle side.