Github integration with a Jenkins based analysis


I would like to know how can I have the full integration of Github and Sonarcloud (including the pull request decoration) with a integration based on Jenkins, where I want to do no integration at all on the UI (Jenkins creates the projects itself)

I set those parameters for PR on Jenkins :
‘sonar.pullrequest.key’ : env.CHANGE_ID,
‘sonar.pullrequest.branch’: env.BRANCH_NAME,
‘sonar.pullrequest.base’ : ‘master’,
‘sonar.projectKey’ : 'projectKey ’ <— This one, I guess I could let the maven default ?

Environment is set with withSonarQubeEnv(installationName: ‘SonarCloud’)

For now I cannot get a pull request message from Sonarcloud into Github. The only way I found was to create manually the project in Sonarcloud, then use that created project’s key, but I’d like to avoid manual administration.

Thank you,

Hey there.

PR Decoration requires a bound project, which implies creating the project via the UI. I suggest voting on this particular roadmap item.

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