GitHub CodeCoverage failing "report doesn't contain any coverage data"

ASP.NET API, Blazor front end Mono repo in GitHub

We have Analysis all setup finally and I have now setup a separate step to get coverage using dotCover but I get this message at the end of the process:

09:39:59.692 WARN: The Code Coverage report doesn’t contain any coverage data for the included files. Troubleshooting guide: [Coverage] Troubleshooting guide for .NET code coverage import

I have read through the guide but nothing has helped.

Logs attached (1.1 MB)


Looking at your expanded zip, I see this:


It seems that you generate the coverage report… after analysis runs?


Why is this an issue? The reason I have done that is that the Analysis requires building the solution which take a few minutes. I am doing it after so that I dont have to do a build again.

So, the main issue is related to this Scanner should not require a ProjectGuid · Issue #659 · SonarSource/sonar-scanner-msbuild · GitHub

All projects were reporting this issue and by adding the ProjectGuid I now get output.

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