GitHub Actions warning for `set-output` command and Node.js 12 actions

Node.js 12 actions are deprecated. For more information see: GitHub Actions: All Actions will begin running on Node16 instead of Node12 | GitHub Changelog. Please update the following actions to use Node.js 16: actions/setup-java@v1, actions/checkout@v2, actions/cache@v1

The set-output command is deprecated and will be disabled soon. Please upgrade to using Environment Files. For more information see: GitHub Actions: Deprecating save-state and set-output commands | GitHub Changelog

Is there anything to do on our side?

Hi @axunonb

Sorry for the delay with the response.
There is a ticket regarding these warnings, and templates will be updated. I’ll let you know when it’s done.

Thank you!

Is there any update?

Hi @ismael.gobernado, and welcome to the community!

We’ve updated workflows in our documentation with the latest versions of the actions. So if you follow it, you shouldn’t see these warnings anymore.

Best regards,