GH PR Decoration: Specify Repository Identifier Per Scan

It appears that a given SonarQube project can decorate PRs from only one fork of a repository, because there’s a single Repository Identifier in the project’s General->Pull Request Decoration setting.

We have many forks of a given repository in our GitHub Enterprise instance, and each network of forked repos share a SonarQube project. These forks have PRs between (or within) repos that aren’t the root repository. We would like a way for all PRs decorated, either by SonarQube itself figuring out which GHE repo is the target of the PR, or letting us tell it by passing an argument to the scanner when triggering the analysis.

Or, is there some other way to have all PRs for a given project decorated? As it is, not only is the decoration not done unless it’s to the root repo, but the analysis that is done to a fork warns “Pull request decoration did not happen. Commit ‘<sha1>’ not found in pull request ‘<n>’”, which will confuse our users.

(SonarQube Developer Edition 8.2, up-to-date Maven scanner plugin and Jenkins.)


I’d like to see this implemented also!
Great suggestion @pharlan