Getting the error "Fail to download plugin [codescanlang]" while trying to run the SonarScanner in jenkins pipeline

BabyCareFailedSonarLogincommunity.txt (17.1 KB) Template for a good bug report, formatted with Markdown:

  • Versions used

Sonar Scanner: SonarQube Scanner
SonarQube : Enterprise Edition 8.3

  • Error observed
    Fail to download plugin [codescanlang]. File /home/jenkins/.sonar/_tmp/fileCache3029167699568757159.tmp

  • Steps to reproduce
    The plugin download is failing while trying to Run the sonar Scan.Each time different plugins are failing to download.

  • Potential workaround

  • Scanner command used when applicable (private details masked)

  • In case of SonarCloud:

    • CI system used :Jenkins


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This is going to be about whatever’s on your network between Jenkins and SonarQube interfering with these downloads. You should talk to your network folks.


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Hi Ann, the plugin issue is just 1 part of the real issue, when the job fails, Sonar Qube performance decreases a lot, having jobs to actually take 2x-4x times the scan time, we couldn’t see any evident issues on the Cloud side, neither on the Sonar Qube server, but we have seen some errors with the database connectivity, so we need to clear out with your team that the setup done for SonarQube is correct, we followed the recommendations made by our Product Manager, however, that documentation doesn’t include specifics in terms of IOPS (it just says it must be high, but what is high?), what is the VM size recommended for Azure? Also, there is no specification for the database requirements, based on the database errros we saw, is this being a problem? Does the Database have to be in a nodepool? What is the expected database utilization? What is the database recommendation for azure?

Last but not least, Java heap, workers and swap, do you have a recommendation for this? The documentation found online really doesn’t explain much and mentiones how carefull you must be to even modify some of the values cause it could really cause more problems that it will fix.

Going back to the plugin issue, this is faced just before the performance issues start, however, this is not constant, I had a Jenkins running 2 scans every 4 minutes (1 every 2 minutes), 1 of them going directly to the VM and the other going through the internet and then the Application Gateway, and only 1 job out of around 1000 jobs failed due to the plugin issue, and then the time duplicated.

We also need to know if there are ways to speed up or improve the scans through the project scan declaration, as this is affecting 1 team in specific and it is really breaking things around their DevOps pipelines.

Please walk us through any required logs or specific information you need to find out the possible cause of the issues we are facing.

Hi @cespede.jd.1,

I guess you’re on the same team as @Neethu?

You’ve posed about a billion questions in your followup. We try to keep it to one question per thread. It gets terribly messy otherwise.

What I get from this is that every time the download fails, SonarQube performance tanks.

I would still start by making sure there’s nothing on the network between SonarQube and the analysis machine interfering with traffic between the two. At this point, I suspect not, but it’s best to clearly identify the download problem as a red herring and then move on to performance from there.