Getting an error when trying to connect Sonar Qube

I am getting following error when trying to connect to sonar qube hosted by me.

An internal error occurred during: “Update SonarLint binding data from ‘Sonar Cloud’”.
Error 503 on /api/plugins/download?plugin=kotlin.

Why it is looking at kotlin plugin and I don’t use kotlin. And also there is api for plugin.

Not sure where to look at. I am able to look at sonar issues on server but not in eclipse.

Eclipse version: Version 2021-03(4.19.0)
Sonar lint plugin :


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A 503 is a server error, which I’m quite surprised to see from SonarCloud. Are you still seeing the error?

Also, the current version of SonarLint for Eclipse is 7.5. you might want to upgrade.

To answer your question about Kotlin, it’s one of the languages supported in connected mode. So it was being downloaded to be ready in case you start coding in Kotlin.


Thanks for your reply. I am still getting same issue after updating to 7.5.
Is there anyway to disable Kotlin?
Eclipse market place doesn’t have any plugin for Kotlin. Please help


Thanks for trying the update. I’ve referred this internally.



SonarLint will attempt to download all supported analyzers from SonarCloud, even if your project doesn’t contain related source files. This is for technical/API reason.

Anyway this is not the root of your problem. You have to investigate the source of the 503 error. On my side I can properly download the analyzer from so I’m tempted to think the issue is on your side. Can you check with your IT if you have any proxy that would cause this error?

We have hosted Sonar Qube internally and trying to connect to that server using eclipse sonarlint plugin.
After installing, it connected to internal sonar Qube but when try to update project bindings, it is throwing above error. It is trying to connect internal sonar Qube url ( not to download these plugins.