Generating Code Coverage with Ant and Jacoco

Hello I am a little confused on how to generate code coverage into SonarQube from my Java project using Jacoco and Ant. It seems I need to download a different scanner for Ant. Do I modify the build.xml file, and include the pointer to the Ant scanner? And do I mention Jacoco in there as well? Or do I create a new file? Also does the build have to be successful in order to generate a report? Sorry for so many questions. Also I am using SonarQube 8.2. I have completed many successful scans using the command line and files up to this point.

I have already read

but still a little confused.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hello @Benjamin85,
Can you tell what you have tried so far ? Can you show me how you configured your build/scan and what is the outcome ?