Functionality to measure development activity

The Hotspot feature in Codescene has functionality to measure development activity based on amount of commits in git, and combine this with static code analysis: Hotspots — CodeScene 1 Documentation

When this is combined with static code analysis measures, we can identify code that has high tech debt and is changed often. This would be a key benefit for us, as it it would help us not only identifying tech debt, but help us to prioritize which tech debt we should address first.

Is this something we can do in SonarQube and this would be something that would be possible in the future?


The SoftVis3D Sonarqube plugin provides a visualization of your code base in form of a city view.

Give your software a shape, build from the sources of your project. Communicate about the structure by using the visualisation, from the developer up to management. You will see hot spots faster and more reliable than before.

SoftVis3D may use all Sonarqube metrics beside others, also the number of commits.

The ‘Number of authors’ is also an important indicator for a hotspot, think of the bus factor
aka truck factor.

The famous book “Your code as a crime scene” by Adam Tornhill - who also happens to be the founder and CTO of Codescene - makes good use of the city view to detect hotspots in a codebase.


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Thanks a lot for the information. Will check with the team that is interested into this.