Full and Stable Support for c++20

My team uses C++20, and as per the the SonarQube 9.3 it is has only partial support /unstable and misses the LTS.
Due to partial support , stability and validation concerns we are unable to upgrade to 9.3 version.

Is there any tentative timeline to get stable version (LTS) which support C++20?

Hello @Biju and welcome to the community!

First of all, let me stress that the software delivered in non-LTS versions of SQ is not unstable. It is properly validated and we if we release it, we think it is ready to use by our users. Also, I would like to remind that all non-LTS versions are supported until the next non-LTS version is released.

Secondly, I would like to clarify the situation about C++20 support. We do not currently support the entire C++20 standard as far as code parsing is concerned. We mostly have the same support as clang latest version that we use as the frontend in our analyzer.
As per C++20 across SQ versions:

  • C++20 support was first introduced as an opt-in feature in SQ 8.9 LTS. Please refer to the documentation for further details about it.
  • As per SQ 9.3, C++20 has been consolidated and it is no more an opt-in feature. More C++20 rules were added and quite a few rules were improved to better deal with C++20. It is a significant upgrade over 8.9 from that perspective.
  • SQ 9.x LTS will be the next LTS with C++20 support. SonarQube 8.9 was released in early May 2021 and the LTS cycle is ~18mo, so that next LTS would be released at the end of 2022 at the earliest.

Please let me know if it clarifies the matter.


Hello Geoffray,
I see that 9.4 is available now.

Our infra team is ready to upgrade the SQ only if LTS is available for 9.3 or the next latest version.
Do you know when will the next LTS version available ?

Hello @Biju

Sorry for my late answer.
I have no specific ETA and my best estimate is still for the end of 2022.
Does it answer you question?

Yes, it answers but does not really help with our plan :frowning: