FP - Unused "using" should be removed

Hi there,

I’m seeing a false-positive with rule csharpsquid:S1128

The method comment block needs a using for the Visibility to be recognized, SonarCloud however complains about it being unused.

Hi @norberth

This is probably related to Fix S1128 FP: documentation tags with dotnet build command · Issue #3633 · SonarSource/sonar-dotnet · GitHub

To confirm: are you using the dotnet build command?

Hi Andrei,

it looks very similar, I agree. Not sure about dotnet build - I’m using a pretty standard Azure pipeline with an MSBuild task to compile the code.

Like so

Does this answer your question?


It seems to be related to different Roslyn compiler behaviors for the same syntax, so it may be tied to specific MSBuild versions.