For specific branch, only flag new issues (not older ones)

We are starting our journey with SonarCloud + CircleCI + github. We are on the classic plan from github, so we don’t have access to actions on our repository.

As a test, we ran the scanner on our code. We would like to run two work streams, a branch that will track pre-existing issues, and a branch that will only get flagged for any new issues.

I am not sure how to configure this setup in SonarCloud. Right now we have master, which was originally scanned and has the “backlog” of issues we need to fix. We will clone this into master-backlog and this is where we will clear the backlog of issues.

Any new PR into master should only be flagged for new detections in that PR; and appropriate issues to be added to github.

Is this possible?

Hello @burhan,

The behaviour you described is the default behaviour, there is no need to have master-backlog branch. When SonarCloud analyses a PR it only looks at the newly added code in that PR and not the whole branch. Thus only issues introduced in that PR will be shown in the PR.

If you launch an analysis of the master branch it will analyze all the code present in that branch.

Hope that helps,