For one project code coverage not showing in SonarQube UI

We establish a static code analysis using SonarQube. Created a project in SonarQube UI. Ran the sonar scanner within the Jenkins pipeline. The code repository is GitHub

The pipeline ran successfully and the report was published to SonarQube but it is not showing the code coverage.

age as expected :

Attached jenkins log
Sonarqube build log.txt (78.9 KB)

Sonar-project properties

Hey there.

The logs you’ve shared don’t actually contain the SonarQube scanner logs. Where are they?

Keep in mind that if you’re using Maven to build your code, you should use the SonarScanner for Maven to analyze it. This usually means you don’t have to set anything special (except maybe the organization and project key in the pom.xml).

The docs on Java test coverage are also useful here.