First analysis on custom branch name instead of master


I am currently using SonarQube 7.9.1 Enterprise Edition.

I have an automatic Jenkins job which will create a new project on Git with 2 branches (master and develop), and then scan the develop branch.

The options given for the scan are:

scannerOptionsMap = [
‘sonar.projectKey’ : pomInfo.POM_GROUPID + “:” + pomInfo.POM_ARTIFACTID,
‘sonar.projectName’ : pomInfo.POM_ARTIFACTID,
‘sonar.projectVersion’ : appVersion,
‘sonar.links.scm’ : inputs.projectRepoGitHttp,
//‘sonar.language’ : ‘java’,
‘’ : ‘1.8’,
‘sonar.modules’ : pomInfo.POM_MODULES,
‘sonar.sources’ : ‘src/main/java’,
‘sonar.tests’ : ‘src/test/java’,
‘sonar.junit.reportPaths’ : ‘target/surefire-reports’,
‘sonar.surefire.reportPaths’: ‘target/surefire-reports’,
‘sonar.binaries’ : ‘target/classes’,
‘’ : ‘target/classes’,
‘sonar.buildbreaker.skip’ : ‘true’,
‘’ : ‘jacoco’,
//‘sonar.jacoco.reportPath’ : ‘target/coverage-reports/jacoco.exec’, ==> N’est plus compatible avec la version de Sonar
‘sonar.coverage.jacoco.xmlReportPaths’ : ‘target/coverage-reports/jacoco-ut/jacoco.xml’,
‘sonar.test.exclusions’ : ‘**/*’

As result the analysis is done by default on a branch called “master” (viewable on my SonarQube interface)

Is there any option to default the branch name to a custom name (in my case develop)?