Files not in project sources, Sonarlint

I am trying to integrate Sonarlint into my C project.
I am currently using Clion IDE on MacOs.
On the same project I have SonarQube (with a file) and the files are analyzed.
On this project, Sonarlint does not detect files to analyze and I have the following log output :

*Trigger: ACTION *
*[Action] 141 file(s) submitted *
*File 'Test4_SonarQube.c' excluded: OCFile: Test4_SonarQube.c not in project sources*
*File 'main.c' excluded: OCFile:main.c not in project sources*

I installed the Sonarlint plugin and I already uninstalled it to install it manually.

Do you have any clue to solve this issue ?


Renaud :wink:

Hi @Renaud_Pipe

I will ask for our C/C++ experts help, but I’m pretty sure they will be interested by the following informations:

  • CLion version
  • your project nature/details (compiler, build tool)

It is CLion 2021.3.3, with CMake and Clang.

But it works on another C on the same computer…

Hi @Renaud_Pipe ,

did you reload your CMake project? Is the source file part of the project and part of a target executable/library?

Hi @Renaud_Pipe ,

did you solve the issue? Can I consider this topic as closed?