Files in sonar.tests are checked for coverage

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  • ALM used: GitHub
  • CI system used: GitHub Actions
  • Scanner command used when applicable: sonar-scanner -Dsonar.coverageReportPaths=Builds/report.xml
  • Languages of the repository: Swift

Error observed:

Quality gate fails with min-coverage requirement not met, requiring to cover tests.
Uncovered file path: E2ETests/Pages/ProductCard/ProductCardPage/SizeSelectorElement.swift content:



Few lines of logs:

INFO: Project configuration:
INFO:   Excluded sources: **/build-wrapper-dump.json, Tuist, DerivedData, Derived, **/TestHelpers/**, **/Tests/**, **/Tests/**
INFO:   Included tests: **/Tests/**
INFO:   Excluded sources for coverage: **/*SecretPersonalOfferCell+Animations.swift

What’s interesting is that logs doesn’t contain any line with pathes from sonar.tests.

Why sonar.tests is still checked for coverage, if I had stated that it’s tests themselves?

Hey there.

As documented:

Test File Inclusions: One or more wildcard patterns defining which files to retain, while filtering out all others, from those defined by sonar.tests. This can also be set in a configuration file using the key sonar.test.inclusions.

So setting sonar.test.inclusions to **/Tests/** is not going to cover something in E2ETests.

What about

sonar.test.inclusions=**/Tests/**,**/E2ETests/**?, or dropping sonar.test.inclusions entirely (the source sets being defined in sonar.tests is enough)

I have multiple folders with tests:

  1. One folder for main target unit tests $SRCROOT/ProjectNameTests
  2. One folder for main target e2e tests $SRCROOT/E2ETests
  3. Many folders for monorepo frameworks $SRCROOT/**/Tests

setting sonar.test.inclusions to **/Tests/** is not going to cover something in E2ETests

I was expecting that including E2ETests into sonar.tests is enough to skip that folder entirely and recursively. I can’t get why it isn’t.

What about sonar.test.inclusions=**/Tests/**,**/E2ETests/** ?

I can move all my folders with tests into sonar.test.inclusions. But what should I do with sonar.tests? Should I completely omit this parameter? Is sonar.test.inclusions selfsufficient?

or dropping sonar.test.inclusions entirely

In our project, the structure of folders and files is such that it is easier to specify folders with tests using wildcards than to specify all folders with source codes.

Because you are also setting sonar.test.inclusions. sonar.test.inclusions further narrows the set of files being passed to sonar.tests

No, you also need to have sonar.tests set.

Then you can also set both sonar.sources and sonar.tests to . and then use a wildcard pattern with sonar.test.inclusions like **/Tests/**,**/E2ETests/**,/ProjectNameTests/`