Files and subfolders exclusions

Just small clarification.

If I want exclude files and sub folders within a package, which one of below is right

  1. **/{package-folder}/**
  2. **/{package-folder}/**/*.*

if package-folder has no parent folder(s) package-folder/**/* is sufficient

similar to the given example org/sonar/**/* at Narrowing the Focus | SonarQube Docs

Is this excluded all files inside package-folder?

package-folder/**/* is excluding all files in package-folder or package-folder/sub/sub ..
Did you check the documentation ?


Paths are relative to the project base directory. The following wildcards can be used:

  • * - Match zero or more characters
  • ** - Match zero or more directories
  • ? - Match a single character

Thanks for your reply, Yes I did but still had a doubt regarding below,

/folderA/** - Exclude both files and subfolders under folderA
/folderA/* - Exclude ONLY files under folderA

Hope my above understanding is correct.

Yes, this is correct.
So in your case package-folder/** or folder-A/** will exclude all files and subfolders.

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