Filename conventions and code style checks are supported?

Hello people!
Didn’t pay yet for any kind of licenses, looking into features before test driving it.

Are there out of the box features or plugins that cover;

  1. Can I check if filename conventions are honoured by devs?
  2. For code files in PL/SQL and TypeScript I have a need to check if headers contain changelog comments and for certain PL/SQL migration scripts I need to check if they end with slash because they need to.
  3. Without developing plugins is it possible to add new rules? Is there and editor or is it done in script?

Thanks for your help!


Welcome to the community!

IIRC availability of rules around this varies by language. Your best bet is to check the rules site & see what’s available:
It’s a public listing of all our rules for all our languages, and you can read the full spec of each rule

Again, the rules site is your best resource. That said, I don’t think you’re going to find rules looking for specifically-formatted comments unless it’s a language standard (such as JavaDoc comments).

Again, the support for this varies by language. A few languages support XPath rules, altho that’s kinda a “wave of the past”. The docs outline what’s available.

If you don’t want to write a SonarQube plugin, the other option is the Generic Issue format - run whatever tool is convenient and convert the output to our generic format, then feed that into analysis.