File names should comply with a naming convention



I tried to use this regex, which I tried on regex101 but it fails … with this name:

that name must comply with the rule …


Hi @leobip,

could you please share which version of SonarQube and which version of sonar-cfamily plugin you are using?

Hi Massimo… sorry, i was offline for the holidays.
The version is 6.7.7
The language: C and C++
**C (Community) 1.3.2 (build 1853)
**C++ (Community) 1.3.2 (build 1853)


Hi @leobip,

sorry but community c++ plugin is not supported by SonarSource. To get help with that refer to their support channel.

Our C/C++/Objective-C analyzer is available starting with Developer Edition.

Thanks Massimo…
i… just allready resolve the problem… it was: i added the file extension to the regular expresion and Sonar don´t analize that… so i erased that part and the expresion worked fine, with the name only… and thats works for me.
Thanks anyway
We can close this.

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