Feature Request: Analyze code documentation

I’m not sure if this already exists but I have tried my best to find any documentation regarding this but have come up empty.

  • I would like sonarcloud/qube to be able to detect if code has been properly documented for example in c#, all classes should be documented using xmldoc tagging ///, all public members of classes and all parameters of public methods.

  • Similar to code coverage, there should exist some metric to determine how much of the code base that is properly documented.

  • SonarLint should be able to indicate that classes and members are not properly documented.

Hi Johan,

This is now quite old. Sorry, I missed this before. Not sure you still care about it.

I totally think this makes sense, and we even have a few rules along these lines for JavaDoc in Java, for example:

I think it would make sense to consider this for C# too, and probably other languages. For example, TypeScript and JavaScript have JSDoc.

I will flag this internally for attention in C#, for starters.

Hello Gabriel,

Has there been any update on creating equivalent rules for C#? My team is interested in using a rule to require XML documentation for our C# code base.