Faster C++ Pull Request and Branch analyses

Hello C++, C, and Objective-C developers,

We are happy to announce that we enabled by default, faster CFamily Pull Request and Branch analyses on SonarCloud :rocket: following the deployment of the server-side cache mechanism announced a couple of days ago.

It means that now, by default there is a cache on the server side that helps to speed up all your analyses.
For it to work, you need to have configured your branch (Branch Analysis Setup | SonarCloud Docs) and your pull request analyses ( Pull Request Analysis | SonarCloud Docs) on SonarCloud.

If you never configured the CFamily cache with the properties sonar.cfamily.cache.enabled and sonar.cfamily.cache.path then nothing changes for you. You will most likely have a significant speed-up of your pull request and branch analyses.
If you already had a CFamily cache configured using sonar.cfamily.cache.enabled and sonar.cfamily.cache.path then the server-side cache will not be enabled and you will keep your client-side cache. You will see a deprecation message that is expected. This is we took the opportunity of the introduction of the server-side cache to rename the properties to:

sonar.cfamily.analysisCache.mode=server|fs (default is 'server') sonar.cfamily.analysisCache.path=relative_or_absolute_path_to_cache_location (only required when mode=fs)

For the most mainstream workflows (pull requests of a few files from a base branch), the server-side cache can easily replace the client-side cache. For a more advanced workflow and caching strategy, you may prefer to keep the client-side cache.