False Positive: Remove this unused import of 'h' in all StencilJS components

  • versions used (SonarQube, Scanner, language analyzer)
    SonarQube 8.6 Enterprise Edition
    StencilJS 1.0.0 and above

  • error observed
    False Positive: Remove this unused import of 'h'

  • minimal code sample to reproduce (with analysis parameter, and potential instructions to compile).

import { Component, Prop, h } from '@stencil/core';

  tag: 'my-embedded-component'
export class MyEmbeddedComponent {
  @Prop() color: string = 'blue';

  render() {
    return (
      <div>My favorite color is {this.color}</div>
  • Reason
    The above code is a handbook-example, standard StencilJS component. Since StencilJS version 1.0.0, components require to import h (for reference, see this breaking change article). SonarQube considers each single StencilJS component smelly for this reason, leading to large numbers of false positives.

The h is a TypeScript factory function that allows you to write JSX syntax which is then compiled to a usual JavaScript function h():

const jsx = <ion-button>;

is the same as:

const jsx = h('ion-button', null, null);

This means that the h method is indeed being used despite not explicitly mentioned again in the code. SonarQube can know that h is a factory function because for JSX to work, it needs to be defined in the tsconfig.json file:

"jsxFactory": "h",

ReactJS uses a very similar approach, however their code does not require developers to explicitly embed the factory method h. So ReactJS developers do not have the problem in SonarQube, StencilJS developers however do.

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Experience the same in a stencil project.
Any workaround? :frowning:

Probably also applies to all preact components, see jsxfactory examples: https://www.typescriptlang.org/tsconfig#jsxFactory

hi @elvorad,

thank you for reporting this problem, I created issue to handle it [FP] S1128 False positive for unused import of `h` function · Issue #2701 · SonarSource/SonarJS · GitHub

Unfortunately there is no workaround, you can only temporarily disable the rule.

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