False positive on `# skip: fmt` annotation for Black

Black is a popular python formater and is very common across many projects.

When some section of code should not be formatted it can be annotated with a trailing # fmt: skip comment, similar to the # type: ignore annotation for typing and other common tools.

When adding such a notation Sonar flags this as a violation of python:S139. This should be ignored as moving the comment would break the intended behavior control for Black.

See The Black code style — Black 21.9b0 documentation

Possible annotations are # fmt: skip, # fmt: on and # fmt: off.


my_dict = {
    'a': 1, 'b': 2,
    'c': 3, 'z': 0
}  # fmt: skip
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Hello @sodul,

Thank you for reporting this false positive. I created SONARPY-905 to track it.


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