False positive in wWinMain function cpp:S995

Operating system: Windows 10
SonarLint plugin version:
Programming language you’re coding in: c++
Is connected mode used: no

When using wWinMain function i get false positive for not making type of parameter a pointer-to-const, but wWinMain is already declared function so i cant change type of arguments it takes.

int APIENTRY wWinMain(_In_ HINSTANCE hInstance, [[maybe_unused]]  _In_opt_  HINSTANCE  hPrevInstance , [[maybe_unused]]  _In_ const LPWSTR lpCmdLine, [[maybe_unused]]  _In_ int nCmdShow)


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SonarLint version was released last week. Could you upgrade & make sure this is still replicable, please?


After update it still shows false positive.

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I created a ticket to follow this false positive.