False positive for 'switch case clauses should not have too many lines of code'

I believe this screen shot says it all: the case has four lines only but Sonar claims it has six.

I believe it gets confused by switch blocks where the opening and closing brackets are also counted as code lines.

I’ve moved your post to the category for reporting false-positives.

Can you please update your post with the information requested in the post above? Specifically the rule ID, and a text based sample of code (no screenshots).

Here’s a snippet that causes a false-positive for java:S1151:

            switch (op.toLowerCase(Locale.US)) {
                case "add" -> {
                    if (user == null) {
                        throw new SCIMException(400, "User  does not exist.");
                case "remove" -> {
                    if (user != null) {
                default -> throw new SCIMException(400, "Patch operation  is not allowed for members");

Hi @sithmein,

After testing and some investigation, this is indeed a FP.
I created a ticket for it and you can track progress here: [SONARJAVA-4919] - Jira

All the best,