Failing Gradle analysis

  • ALM used (GitHub)

  • CI system used (Github Actions)

  • Scanner command used when applicable (./gradlew build sonarqube --info -x test --max-workers=2 --scan --no-daemon )

  • Languages of the repository : Java JDK11

  • SonarCloud project is public, the URL : GitHub - sahanhe-test/ballerina-lang: The Ballerina Programming Language PR-Update by sahanHe · Pull Request #2 · sahanhe-test/ballerina-lang · GitHub

  • Error observed
    Execution failed for task ':sonarqube' > The base directory of the module ':ballerina-config-schema-builder' does not exist: /home/runner/work/ballerina-lang/ballerina-lang/misc/ballerina-config-schema-builder

  • Remarks: I wanted to add sonarcloud scanning to PRs of my fork of ballerina repo but I couldn’t build the project with sonarqube as I keeps getting the same error as above and there is no module named “ballerina” in the repo. I have followed the instructions provided by sonar-cloud for initial analysis and I have used the original ballerina repo for the task.

Hey there.

It sure looks like the settings.gradle file is referencing a path that doesn’t exist in the project:

The Scanner for Gradle relies on there being a valid project structure. You may want to pass this feedback to the maintainer to understand why this entry exists with no matching directory.

Hi Colin, I was able to overcome the issue by creating dummy directories in the workflow at each missing module location. Thank you so much for the help.

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