Failing analysis id: AXYFInwYYBI6mPMv2HzD

Following background task failed recently:

  • AXYFInmX96rcPUGNO0pe
  • AXYFwibj96rcPUGNO2M-

Hope to hear from you.


Any news?

Is there anything we can do ourselves to get more info regarding what goes wrong when the background tasks fails?


Welcome to the community, and sorry for the delayed response.

You can usually find a bit more details about the error if you click on the gear icon at the right of the failed task, and select Show Error Details.

Looking at the analysis ids you mentioned, I see that something went wrong while sending notifications for the subscribers of the project. This is very unusual, I don’t recall a similar issue, and unfortunately there are not many logs available to debug further. I also see a couple of other projects on our platform failing with the same reason at the end of November, and then I don’t see a single instance of this type of failure since the beginning of December.

Is this still an issue for you?

Have you changed anything to work around the issue at your side?