Failed to upload report - 413

2020-06-12T14:51:23.0514940Z ##[section]Starting: Run Code Analysis
2020-06-12T14:51:23.0527875Z ==============================================================================
2020-06-12T14:51:23.0528429Z Task         : Run Code Analysis
2020-06-12T14:51:23.0528761Z Description  : Run scanner and upload the results to the SonarQube server.
2020-06-12T14:51:23.0529094Z Version      : 4.10.0
2020-06-12T14:51:23.0529745Z Author       : sonarsource
2020-06-12T14:51:23.0530333Z Help         : Version: 4.10.0. This task is not needed for Maven and Gradle projects since the scanner should be run as part of the build.

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2020-06-12T14:51:23.0530962Z ==============================================================================
2020-06-12T14:51:23.2661357Z [command]/home/vsts/work/_tasks/SonarQubeAnalyze_6d01813a-9589-4b15-8491-8164aeb38055/4.10.0/sonar-scanner/bin/sonar-scanner
2020-06-12T14:51:23.7590907Z INFO: Scanner configuration file: /home/vsts/work/_tasks/SonarQubeAnalyze_6d01813a-9589-4b15-8491-8164aeb38055/4.10.0/sonar-scanner/conf/
2020-06-12T14:51:23.7622790Z INFO: Project root configuration file: NONE
2020-06-12T14:51:23.7940054Z INFO: SonarScanner
2020-06-12T14:51:23.7943050Z INFO: Java 1.8.0_252 Azul Systems, Inc. (64-bit)
2020-06-12T14:51:23.7946274Z INFO: Linux 4.15.0-1083-azure amd64
2020-06-12T14:51:24.1312730Z INFO: User cache: /home/vsts/.sonar/cache
2020-06-12T14:51:25.6170380Z INFO: Scanner configuration file: /home/vsts/work/_tasks/SonarQubeAnalyze_6d01813a-9589-4b15-8491-8164aeb38055/4.10.0/sonar-scanner/conf/
2020-06-12T14:51:25.6174156Z INFO: Project root configuration file: NONE
2020-06-12T14:51:25.6196899Z INFO: Analyzing on SonarQube server 6.7.6
2020-06-12T14:51:25.6200868Z INFO: Default locale: "en_US", source code encoding: "UTF-8"
2020-06-12T14:51:25.7956969Z INFO: Publish mode
2020-06-12T14:51:25.8934388Z INFO: Load global settings
2020-06-12T14:51:26.2293435Z INFO: Load global settings (done) | time=336ms
2020-06-12T14:51:26.2374826Z INFO: Server id: BFDF9D85-AWS37IzAeRwITBAqhvse
2020-06-12T14:51:26.2460339Z INFO: User cache: /home/vsts/.sonar/cache
2020-06-12T14:51:26.4405719Z INFO: Load plugins index
2020-06-12T14:51:26.5017742Z INFO: Load plugins index (done) | time=62ms
2020-06-12T14:51:26.5029157Z INFO: Download sonar-auth-aad-plugin-1.0.jar
2020-06-12T14:51:26.7226613Z INFO: Download sonar-jacoco-plugin-
2020-06-12T14:51:26.7405881Z INFO: Download sonar-lua-plugin-1.0.jar
2020-06-12T14:51:26.7887348Z INFO: Download sonar-csharp-plugin-
2020-06-12T14:51:27.0990096Z INFO: Download sonar-css-plugin-
2020-06-12T14:51:27.5288858Z INFO: Download sonar-go-plugin-
2020-06-12T14:51:27.9076387Z INFO: Download sonar-html-plugin-
2020-06-12T14:51:28.0878190Z INFO: Download sonar-javascript-plugin-
2020-06-12T14:51:28.7156139Z INFO: Download sonar-java-plugin-
2020-06-12T14:51:29.5126695Z INFO: Download sonar-python-plugin-
2020-06-12T14:51:29.6079520Z INFO: Download sonar-typescript-plugin-
2020-06-12T14:51:29.7845811Z INFO: Download sonar-xml-plugin-
2020-06-12T14:51:30.2609709Z INFO: Process project properties
2020-06-12T14:51:30.2686069Z INFO: Execute project builders
2020-06-12T14:51:30.2712937Z INFO: Execute project builders (done) | time=3ms
2020-06-12T14:51:30.2906837Z INFO: Load project repositories
2020-06-12T14:51:30.3739498Z INFO: Load project repositories (done) | time=83ms
2020-06-12T14:51:30.4785225Z INFO: Load quality profiles
2020-06-12T14:51:30.6057268Z INFO: Load quality profiles (done) | time=127ms
2020-06-12T14:51:30.6184594Z INFO: Load active rules
2020-06-12T14:51:31.6618138Z INFO: Load active rules (done) | time=1042ms
2020-06-12T14:51:31.6643472Z INFO: Load metrics repository
2020-06-12T14:51:31.8323715Z INFO: Load metrics repository (done) | time=166ms
2020-06-12T14:51:31.8443935Z WARN: SCM provider autodetection failed. No SCM provider claims to support this project. Please use sonar.scm.provider to define SCM of your project.
2020-06-12T14:51:31.8449112Z INFO: Project key: sonar.projectKey
2020-06-12T14:51:31.8473312Z INFO: -------------  Scan ReactJS front end
2020-06-12T14:51:32.0024826Z INFO: Load server rules
2020-06-12T14:51:32.1947170Z INFO: Load server rules (done) | time=192ms
2020-06-12T14:51:32.2887166Z INFO: Base dir: /home/vsts/work/1/s
2020-06-12T14:51:32.2887957Z INFO: Working dir: /home/vsts/work/1/s/.scannerwork
2020-06-12T14:51:32.2904777Z INFO: Source paths: src
2020-06-12T14:51:32.2907230Z INFO: Source encoding: UTF-8, default locale: en_US
2020-06-12T14:51:32.3570560Z INFO: Index files
2020-06-12T14:51:32.6436090Z INFO: 285 files indexed
2020-06-12T14:51:32.6518980Z INFO: Quality profile for css: Sonar way
2020-06-12T14:51:32.6519783Z INFO: Quality profile for js: Sonar way
2020-06-12T14:51:33.7855479Z INFO: Sensor SonarCSS Metrics [cssfamily]
2020-06-12T14:51:33.8603223Z INFO: Sensor SonarCSS Metrics [cssfamily] (done) | time=74ms
2020-06-12T14:51:33.8606055Z INFO: Sensor SonarCSS Rules [cssfamily]
2020-06-12T14:51:35.2550262Z INFO: Sensor SonarCSS Rules [cssfamily] (done) | time=1394ms
2020-06-12T14:51:35.2551008Z INFO: Sensor JaCoCo XML Report Importer [jacoco]
2020-06-12T14:51:35.2596005Z INFO: Sensor JaCoCo XML Report Importer [jacoco] (done) | time=5ms
2020-06-12T14:51:35.2597727Z INFO: Sensor SonarJS [javascript]
2020-06-12T14:51:35.2662876Z INFO: 250 source files to be analyzed
2020-06-12T14:51:42.1584560Z INFO: 250/250 source files have been analyzed
2020-06-12T14:51:42.1586043Z INFO: Sensor SonarJS [javascript] (done) | time=6898ms
2020-06-12T14:51:42.1587401Z INFO: Sensor ESLint-based SonarJS [javascript]
2020-06-12T14:51:43.6641235Z INFO: 250 source files to be analyzed
2020-06-12T14:51:50.2192491Z INFO: Sensor ESLint-based SonarJS [javascript] (done) | time=8059ms
2020-06-12T14:51:50.2193715Z INFO: 250/250 source files have been analyzed
2020-06-12T14:51:50.2194195Z INFO: Sensor SonarJS Coverage [javascript]
2020-06-12T14:51:50.2205311Z WARN: No coverage information will be saved because LCOV file cannot be found.
2020-06-12T14:51:50.2206080Z WARN: Provided LCOV file path: coverage/ Seek file with path: /coverage/
2020-06-12T14:51:50.2206697Z WARN: No coverage information will be saved because all LCOV files cannot be found.
2020-06-12T14:51:50.2207225Z INFO: Sensor SonarJS Coverage [javascript] (done) | time=2ms
2020-06-12T14:51:50.2210739Z INFO: Sensor JavaXmlSensor [java]
2020-06-12T14:51:50.2240081Z INFO: Sensor JavaXmlSensor [java] (done) | time=2ms
2020-06-12T14:51:50.2240690Z INFO: Sensor HTML [web]
2020-06-12T14:51:50.2405404Z INFO: Sensor HTML [web] (done) | time=16ms
2020-06-12T14:51:50.2406014Z INFO: Sensor Zero Coverage Sensor
2020-06-12T14:51:50.4109853Z INFO: Sensor Zero Coverage Sensor (done) | time=169ms
2020-06-12T14:51:50.4111093Z INFO: Sensor CPD Block Indexer
2020-06-12T14:51:50.4114357Z INFO: Sensor CPD Block Indexer (done) | time=1ms
2020-06-12T14:51:50.4118021Z INFO: No SCM system was detected. You can use the 'sonar.scm.provider' property to explicitly specify it.
2020-06-12T14:51:50.4654237Z INFO: 6 files had no CPD blocks
2020-06-12T14:51:50.4667608Z INFO: Calculating CPD for 244 files
2020-06-12T14:51:50.6126000Z INFO: CPD calculation finished
2020-06-12T14:51:51.0503721Z INFO: Analysis report generated in 386ms, dir size=2 MB
2020-06-12T14:51:51.5350425Z INFO: Analysis reports compressed in 484ms, zip size=1 MB
2020-06-12T14:51:51.8736299Z INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
2020-06-12T14:51:51.8739642Z INFO: EXECUTION FAILURE
2020-06-12T14:51:51.8743605Z INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
2020-06-12T14:51:51.8751750Z INFO: Total time: 28.137s
2020-06-12T14:51:51.9698128Z INFO: Final Memory: 24M/671M
2020-06-12T14:51:51.9700450Z INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
2020-06-12T14:51:51.9736331Z ##[error]ERROR: Error during SonarScanner execution
ERROR: Failed to upload report - 413: <html>
<head><title>413 Request Entity Too Large</title></head>
<center><h1>413 Request Entity Too Large</h1></center>

ERROR: Re-run SonarScanner using the -X switch to enable full debug logging.
2020-06-12T14:51:51.9746196Z ERROR: Error during SonarScanner execution
2020-06-12T14:51:51.9746892Z ERROR: Failed to upload report - 413: <html>
2020-06-12T14:51:51.9747212Z <head><title>413 Request Entity Too Large</title></head>
2020-06-12T14:51:51.9747426Z <body>
2020-06-12T14:51:51.9747657Z <center><h1>413 Request Entity Too Large</h1></center>
2020-06-12T14:51:51.9747932Z <hr><center>openresty/</center>
2020-06-12T14:51:51.9748123Z </body>
2020-06-12T14:51:51.9748282Z </html>
2020-06-12T14:51:51.9748541Z ERROR: 
2020-06-12T14:51:51.9749000Z ERROR: Re-run SonarScanner using the -X switch to enable full debug logging.
2020-06-12T14:51:52.3535230Z ##[error]The process '/home/vsts/work/_tasks/SonarQubeAnalyze_6d01813a-9589-4b15-8491-8164aeb38055/4.10.0/sonar-scanner/bin/sonar-scanner' failed with exit code 2
2020-06-12T14:51:52.3557677Z ##[section]Finishing: Run Code Analysis

Can someone help me on this ? am running jest --coverage to generate the coverage file and my docker task in Azure pipeline would run the task .

Some how unable to find the solution any pointers would be of great help,


Welcome to the community!

FYI, I’ve edited your title to reflect the actual error in your logs, and edited your post to code-format the logs (``` on the line before and on the line after), which makes them much easier to read.

Your error:

Really boils down to

When we see this it is (999 out of 1000) something on the network between the analysis machine and the server (proxy, firewall, …) that is blocking the request. This error is not coming from SonarQube. You need to talk to your network folks.