Failed to update binding data for 1 project(s)


Few of our engineers are facing issue with SonarLint 5.1 plugin for eclipse. They are seeing below message when binding a project with our SQ server:

Unable to update SonarLint binding data for project ‘CapEX’ on '
Trailing char < > at index 19: client_ums_html_ui/ /opt/bld/fetch/alm10-rh7jenkinsjbe1/int_ci_unigy_Full_build/caches/modules-2/metadata-2.16/descriptors/com.moowork.gradle/gradle-node-plugin/1.2.0/d949bfe5b3327b1b166ace6f99aa8be2/ivy.xml

The user is attempting to bind project from windows using eclipse but it is strange to see the path “/opt/bld/fetch/alm10-rh7jenkinsjbe1/int_ci_unigy_Full_build…” in the error which is a linux build path on our build server.

Any suggestions how to fix this?



Is the file included by mistake in your SonarQube analysis? Can you find it in your SonarQube projet?

SonarLint is trying to map remote files with local files, to synchronize issue status, and this may be the cause of the issue. Still it should not fail, and I would be interested by the full stacktrace of the error.

Last but not least, any reason you are still using SonarLint 5.1 while 5.5.2 is the latest?