Failed to look up maven package org.sonarqube:org.sonarqube.gradle.plugin

I am trying to setup a renovate bot for scanning our project dependencies that include the dependencies present in our pom.xml and build.gradle files. While scanning the build.gradle I’m receiving the below mentioned error: “warnings”: [“Failed to look up maven package org.sonarqube:org.sonarqube.gradle.plugin”],

we are using this “‘org.sonarqube’ version ‘3.0’” along with Java8 in build.gradle. Along with sonarqube:9.9.0-developer, SONAR_SCANNER_VERSION & GRADLE_VERSION 6.8.2.

Also not able to see any nexus group for sonarqube with maven format.


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We stopped publishing SonarScanner for Gradle to Maven Central a while ago. See SONARGRADL-96 for details.