Failed service connection - Resource Authorization issue

Using sonarqube-developer-
Using sonar-scanner-msbuild-


I am attempting to bring a new project into SonarQube from Devops. We use .NET. I have successfully loaded a projects in SonarQube before, so not quite sure why this one is having issues.

I keep getting this error:
There was a resource authorization issue: “The pipeline is not valid. Job Job: Step SonarQubePrepare input SonarQube references service connection TotalVote Core which could not be found. The service connection does not exist or has not been authorized for use. For authorization details, refer to Bing

So far I have tried different variations of the hostname in the service connection, deleted and recreated the service connection, and no matter how many time I hot the Authorize Resource button, it fades out like it was in fact selected, but still gives the error when I rerun the failed job.

Thanks in advance for your insight and taking the time to read this.

Doesn’t anyone like my topic? :slight_smile:

Hi @jfry2k ,

with this limited information will be hard to help you further. May I ask you to confirm a few things?

  1. Based on the information you provided it seems like you are using Azure DevOps platform. Could you confirm then that you followed the steps in our docs? Namely:

After installing your extension, you need to declare your SonarQube server as a service endpoint in your Azure DevOps project settings:

  1. In Azure DevOps, go to Project Settings > Service connections.
  2. Click New service connection and select SonarQube from the service connection list.
  3. Enter your SonarQube Server URL, an Authentication Token, and a memorable Service connection name. Then, click Save.
  1. The error that you are getting seems to be common occurence when using Azure DevOps. Are you sure that you tried out some of the answers from this StackOveflow post?

  2. Could you share with us your pipeline configuration (.yml file)? Remember to remove any sensitive information from it before sharing. You can also share it with me privately (I have invited you to a private conversation).